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Welcome to my web site and thank you for your interest in it. Protection of your privacy is important, so let me explain what data is collected and stored and how it is used when you use this web site.

Collection, storing and use of data follow legal aspects required by the European Union. You can find more information on the topic by searching for GDPR (or the German DSGVO).

Responsible for privacy and data protection

Responsible for this website: Martin Gumhold.
Contact information in the Impressum.

What data is collected?

All accesses to the web site (e.g. loading a web page, download a file) result in the storing of a set of data in a log file. Storage of this log file is done by the Internet provider automatically for technical reasons and cannot be completely stoped.

This data cannot be connected to a specific person but only to the device this action came from. Storage of this data is done solely for internal technical or statistical reasons. This date is not provided to third parties. This data can be used to analyse and improve attractivity of this web site.

Collected data:

More data is not collected.

In case of suspicious behaviour, log files might be analysed later.

Links to other web sites

I cannot be held responsible what happens on other web sites, even if I check them from time to time.

If you leave this web site by clicking a link or banner, this new web page might set a Cookie. Responsible for this Cookie is the provider of the other web site. Please get informed about the Privacy Policy and Cookie handling of the other web site.

Donations via third party web sites (e.g. PayPal)

If you send me a donation via a third party web site, this web site is responsible for your private data.

Please get informed about the Privacy Policy and Cookie handling of the other web site.

If the third party web site sends me private data, I handle this as if yourself sent me the personal data, e.g. as email.
PayPal for example sends me the amount of money in the donation, mail address and name you provided to PayPal. And in case your wrote a text into the comment field, this text too.

Deletion of collected data

Log files are automatically deleted on the server after 4 months after your latest visit of the website. If such files are downloaded for analysis, the data will be deleted after 2 years at the latest, usually immediately after the evaluation.

Other personal data that you send me on your own initiative will be deleted no later than 2 years after the last contact.

Right to information, correction, deletion, restriction and opposition

You can always get information about your personal data stored at In the same way, you can request the correction or deletion of the stored personal data, if there are no legal reasons speaking against it, e.g. Archiving duty. For contact details see below.

In order to limit the processing, the data must be stored to control the restriction. This can be remedied only by deletion.

For technical reasons, an objection to the processing of the data obtained when visiting the website is only possible at a later date. (ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses that may change from visit to visit. A lock may then hit an uninvolved third person.)


If you contact me via email or regular mail, your personal data is stored to answer you and in in case of follow-up questions.

If you have questions regarding your privacy while visiting this web site, you can contact me via the mail address shown here: Contact
Please keep in mind that an answer might take some time as I'm just one person and might be away some time for holidays or the like.

If you want to write an email, keep in mind that unencrypted email doesn't provide security for the transmitted data. Confidential information therefore should be sent via letter post.

Changes of privacy policy

This policy might change from time to time to follow legal changes or to mirror changes in the use of personal data. Valid is only the version active at the time of your visit of this website.

Updated: 27th July 2018