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Welcome to my web site and thank you for your interest in it. Protection of your privacy is important, so let me explain what data is collected and stored and how it is used when you use this web site.

Collection, storing and use of data follow legal aspects required by the European Union.

What data is collected?

All accesses to the web site (e.g. loading a web page, download a file) result in the storing of a set of data in a log file. This data cannot be connected to a specific person but only to the device this action came from. Storage of this data is done solely for internal technical or statistical reasons. This date is not provided to third parties. This data can be used to analyse and inprove attractivity of this web site.
Collected data:

More data is not collected.

Usage of privacy data

If you provide privacy data (which is not planned), this will only be used to fulfill technical affordances. Data transfer to third parties will not be done.


This web site currently does not use Cookies. If you don't want Cookies to be stored on your device, you can change the settings of your browser according to your needs (block Cookies / create a warning). See browser documentation to do this.

Links to other web sites

I cannot be held responsible what happens on other web sites, even if I check them from time to time.

If you leave this web site by clicking a link or bannen, this new web page might set a Cookie. Responsible for this Cookie is the provider of the other web site. Please get informed about the Privacy Policy and Cookie handling of the other web site.


If you have questions regarding your privacy while visiting this web site, you can contact me unter the mail adress shown here: Contact
Please keep in mind that an answer might take some time as I'm just one person and might be away some time for holidays or the like.

If you want to write an email, keep in mind that unencrypted email doesn't provide security for the transmitted data. Confidential information therefore should be sent via letter post.