Privacy Policy for apps

Deutsch: Verwendung von Daten in Apps...

General informationen on protection of personal data

Details: Privacy information for use of this website

Data in apps

My apps do not send any data to me or third parties. (All ads had been removed from the apps.)

Highscores and progress are only stored locally on your device.

If you buy one of my apps in the Playstore, I get no access to personal data.
I only get this information:


If you have further questions regarding your privacy while using my apps, you can contact me unter the mail adress shown here: Contact
Please keep in mind that an answer might take some time as I'm just one person and might be away some time for holidays or the like.

If you want to write an email, keep in mind that unencrypted email doesn't provide security for the transmitted data. Confidential information therefore should be sent via letter post.

Updated on 10th May 2018